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Killing Cancer - Not People

Third Edition

by Robert Wright

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R. Chera

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Real truth about cancer

  • Cancer is no. 1 killer in the world. Most of us have already lost our loved ones.
  • 1 out of 3 persons likely to get cancer in their life time.
  • Cancer can possibly be cured or prevented.
  • Cancer thrives in an Acidic,Anaerobic,Toxic & immune-weakened bodies.
  • All Cancer Patients are Acidic.
  • Chemotherapy, Radiation & Surgery may not heal most Cancers, success rate is below 5%.

Mission & Vision


The Mission of the proposed American Anti-Cancer Center Campus, is to eradicate cancer and other immune-degenerative disease in humans through the Hippocratic philosophy of Natural Medicine among three proposed Campus facilities

Vision and Philosophy

By re-educating the public, AACI Vision is for a new day to dawn upon the United States in which cancer is understood to be a rare but curable disease of the immune system. (More here) AACI believe that the philosophy of conventional American healthcare (centered in pharmaceuticals, surgery—and in the case of cancer, radiation and chemotherapy) has failed to provide U.S. citizens with true health and lasting healing.
As cancer rates rise to plague an estimated 50% of adult Americans by the end of 2012, we believe a massive paradigm shift in cancer care is the only way for Americans to regain our physical and economic strength. AACI inspiration is American children for whom cancer is now the leading cause of death among all disease categories.

AACI natural product recommendation cure the Cancer

AIW (Alkaline Ionized Water)
The AACI chose Alkaline Ionized water as our Number One recommended natural product for cancer patients and cancer prevention due to the combination of three unique properties it possesses: "AIW" is:

  • 1) alkaline in pH;
  • 2) powerfully antioxidant;
  • 3) restructured.

We believe AIW to be essential to health and wellness for anyone (well or sick) especially cancer patients whose body pH can become dangerously acidic—particularly during and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

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